SPRadio app concept

We will list the apps of the platform according to market analysis on several components. We serve users who just want to listen to the radio with the simple version. All others with an extended variant.


Please note that we only show the advertising banner at the end of the APP. Advertising within the program or when starting a station comes solely from the selected radio station. We will soon start separating ad-based channels from ad-free channels. Currently our focus is on the stability of data queries from Mobile Stations.


Functions without account

  • Transmitter divided into countries categories (Done)
  • Channels divided into genre categories
  • Channels divided into alphabet categories
  • Channel subdivision into channels with and without advertising
  • Transmitter Subdivision in transmit power. (Mobile or WLAN)
  • Transmitter own screen with player (Done)
  • Sender Player in the notifications (Done)
  • Background music when phone is idle (Done)
  • Volume control also via external devices such as headphones (Done)
  • Bluetooth control. (Done)
  • Radio control on Android via widgets (Done)
  • Small advertising banner below the app screen (Done)
  • Sharing function for social networks
  • Reporting function for radios (Done)
  • Favorites function (local storage on the respective end device)
  • multilingualism (Done: 24 languages)
  • Transmitter buffer to ensure that the program does not stop in case of signal loss. (Done)
  • Automatic design based on the device design. Light / Darkmode (Done)
  • Alternative list view

Functions with account

  • radio alarm clock
  • Favorites function
  • Comment function
  • Radio Recorder (Critical in some countries, but let's take a closer look).
  • Mutual user interactions. (Chats, private messages and more.)

Note on listing

The listing is not binding. New functions will surely be added. Also functions can be removed for various reasons.

You can easily submit suggestions anonymously in the form below. Please note that we will not respond to suggestions due to time constraints. If you have something else on your mind you can find all contact ways here.

Anonymous APP suggestion

Please describe your request as precisely as possible. We do our best to review each proposal without bias.