Lüneburger Radio e.V

On 1.4.2020 we went on air with ?The Queen ? The show must go on? as Lüneburg Radio on the air. A colorful mix of...

Lüneburger Radio e.V

On 1.4.2020 we went on air with ?The Queen ? The show must go on? as Lüneburger radio on the air. A colorful music program which ranges from rock, pop to techno, up-and-coming artists and oldies, which is presented by amateur presenters, Our goal was and is, as a kind of "citizen's radio" for Lüneburg, to entertain and inform the listeners. Played is as good as almost everything, even what does not fit into an orderly drawer. We are always trying to guarantee a constant live program, which of course is not yet possible at the moment, but if there is no live program, we have put together a selected rotation for you! So a listening pleasure is guaranteed. Since we are currently only on the Internet to hear, there is the possibility to hear us worldwide! Even on vacation we can bring you some of the flair of home. We always want to improve and offer our listeners nur offer the best

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